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Hello! We are Yup Chat!

We have been since 2014 bringing solutions with smart tools to transform and revolutionize the relationship between companies and customers.

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A Yup Chat trabalha com excelência para fornecer soluções que atendam às suas necessidades.

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About Yup Chat

We are a 100% Brazilian company and our goal is to bring creative solutions to the national market. We join forces to leverage your business and make the relationship with your client more simplified, accessible, and modern. After all, we are living today in a digital transformation.

Experience and progress

With more than six years of experience, we are leaders in communication and marketing solutions. Here you will find the way that will take your business to customers. On a single platform you can use several communication channels: Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Chatbot, Voice and Omnichannel Platform.

Priority or exclusive service, innovative and accessible?

Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can effectively help and guide Yup Chat customers from all over the Brazilian territory. Our headquarters is located on the coast of São Paulo and we have representatives all over Brazil.

Expertise & Scalability

Our reputation is based on industry experience, technical expertise, quality support, and service reliability. We offer segmented and strategic solutions for a variety of business functions and needs.

Why Yup Chat

Connect on a single communication platform to simply and intelligently organize the service to your potential customer.

Extremely fast delivery time

Extremely fast delivery time

SMS text messages to your customers with direct and accurate information.

Priority security

Priority security

Our solutions provide security and reliability in all processes.

High performance routes

High performance routes

Backup routes that decrease the chance of sending failures through multiple gateways.

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