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E-mail Marketing Increase your sales up to 40% with Email Marketing Yup Chat!

Have you ever thought of increasing your sales and still deliver an assertive content to your client? All this is possible with our email platform.

Did you know?

We have separated some interesting data about E-mail marketing for you to start thinking about your next campaign right now!

R$ 0

is the average return for each R$ 5,00 spent in E-mail Marketing.


of consumers check their e-mail boxes daily.


of consumers say that E-mail Marketing influences their purchase decisions.


of Brazilians say that E-mail Marketing is the highlight of business communication.

Ready to achieve more results?

Tempo de entrega extremamente rápido

Create personalized e-mails

Segurança prioritária

Offer the right product to your audience

Rotas de alto desempenho

Engage your audience

SLA 100% de tempo de atividade confiável

Recover abandoned carts

SLA 100% de tempo de atividade confiável

Analyze your results and increase your conversion

Send Email Marketing with convenience, choosing the right audience with precision!

E-mail Marketing is a strategic way to send relevant content to a segmented mailing, resulting in a significant conversion, either to develop a relationship with your customers or to increase the number of sales

E-mail Marketing

E-mail remarketing

Transactional Campaigns

Manage the e-mail marketing automation process, integrating the company's systems and contact lists easily on our platform. With the artificial intelligence implemented in the tool, it is possible to perform a behavioral segmentation and send specific and customized content, aiming to have positive conversion and greater engagement with the client. And, the best: reports and delivery monitoring in all campaigns.

The platform that will bring you closer to your client!

Yup Chat has the right solution to optimize your communication and leave your brand present throughout the consumer's journey. Watch our video and learn more:


More than 30 features for the success of your email campaigns, check out some of them:

Free 24/7 exclusive support


The only platform on the market with ABCDE testing by Subject, Sender or HTML.

Extremamente escalável

Campaign heat map

Follow in the reports by campaign the main click-through points of your mailings.

Os créditos nunca expiram

Filter your lists

With specific filters you can segment your mailings without having to create multiple lists.

Sem taxas de instalação ou taxas ocultas

Complete Summary

Complete overview of your mailings with delivery data, opens, clicks, and more.

API Eficiente - Nenhuma configuração é necessária

Reputation Tab

View how your reputation stands in each provider and if the e-mails are being well accepted by your customers.

Opções flexíveis de pagamento pré-pago e pós-pago disponíveis

Subject Ranking

Complete ranking to observe how users interact with your subjects.

É tão fácil enviar suas mensagens

Compare Submissions tab

Compare current statistics to past mailings.

Alcance direto e imediato

Open Loyalty

Find out how many times each of the users registered in your list opened your submissions.

Alcance direto e imediato

Register of terms

Create segmentations for users who are interested in a specific term.

Alcance direto e imediato

Receive reports in your e-mail

You can receive the complete report of your campaign directly in your e-mail.

Alcance direto e imediato


Create rules that will execute pre-defined activities by the user in the platform.

Alcance direto e imediato

Easy integration with other platforms

Integration with Google Shopping, Analytics, Drive, API documentations, Tray, Vtex and Zapier.


Get more results with Yup Chat

Smart Segmentation

Get more efficiency in your campaigns using segmentation by artificial intelligence.

Email automation

Automate several processes with personalized messages and focus on your business strategy.

Automatic mailing update

Manage your list automatically and capture the contacts that really matter to you.

Customized reports

Gain flexibility in measuring results and intelligence in campaign implementations.

Yup Chat Segments

Meet some segments already served by Yup Chat! We are an experienced company that values business growth and development.


Bars and Nightclubs

Cafes and Restaurants





Call Centers

Competitions and Surveys




Fitness Club







Real Estate


Sports Clubs and Associations


Travel Agencies

Hotels and Spa

Public Utilities

Emergency Services

Yup Chat has a solution for your segment too! Contact us and see how we can change your business!

Why Yup Chat?

Get to know some of the benefits of our Email Marketing platform and see how to improve your business with more assertive campaigns.

Free 24/7 exclusive support

Free 24/7 exclusive support

Reliable - 100% uptime SLA guarantee Free 24/7/365 exclusive support

Extremely scalable

Extremely scalable

Create e-mails with the Drag and Drop system and schedule autoresponders to make your team's day-to-day easier and satisfy your clients even more.

The credits never expire

The credits never expire

You don't have to worry about the credits you purchase, because they don't expire, making it possible to use them in other campaigns.

No setup fees or hidden charges

No setup fees or hidden charges

You will not have to pay for the installation of our platform and you will not be surprised by undue costs.

Efficient API - No configuration required

Efficient API - No configuration required

Integrate our high-performance, accessible, and intuitive API that allows you to develop, securely submit, and manage your business.

Flexible prepaid and postpaid payment options available

Flexible prepaid and postpaid payment options available

Bulk Rates - The more you send, the more you save. Yup Chat offers the best price in the market and no contracts, or loyalty. You only pay for what you send.

It's so easy to send your e-mails

It's so easy to send your e-mails

For seasonal or frequent sending, count on easy-to-configure panels to schedule your emails without complications.

Immediate and direct reach

Immediate and direct reach

Connect to customers with greater security, speed, reliability and lower costs than any other platform, thanks to our technological infrastructure.

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