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Yup Chat Partners

Yup Chat relies on companies equally committed to providing a unique experience to consumers through a modern approach to technology.

Chatbot solution with AI

Chat with customers in a natural way on any digital channel with the AI-powered AgentBot

Cloud contact center solution

Take your contact center to the cloud and make all your customer information management flexible.

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Support Center

Find what you're looking for easily. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our tool.

AIVO Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to identify patterns and provide fast, personalized service.

Transactional Email

Module for sending e-mails on the APP platform with channel selection and customized events.

Omni Business

Connect all your company's actions and have a broad view of each channel used.


Mass SMS sending with agile delivery in a simple, secure, and cost-effective way.

E-mail Marketing

Sending e-mail marketing with intelligent segmentation, automation and reports.

WhatsApp Business

Professional, efficient and data-protected communication in the world's leading messaging application.

Voice message

Speak directly and more efficiently with your customer, this is the right product that offers clarity in the message. In addition, the tool protects your data by hiding the phone number


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