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Twilio Flex

The world's most flexible cloud contact center that saves up to 34% in operating expenses

Develop smart solutions to connect with your customers

With Twilio Flex teams can create experiences that customers will love. That's because the platform delivers the ideal environment for faster, more intuitive solution development for new channels, intelligent IVRs and chatbots.

Built to serve customers on a global scale, Twillio Flex delivers full control to augment existing channels or an intelligent IVR and chatbot - or move your entire contact center to the cloud.

A custom routine that can be created with:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Omnichannel customer services
  • Remote agent contact center
  • Proactive customer engagement

Create, share and report with drag-and-drop functionality, adding the metrics that make sense for your team and get a complete operational view.

Featured Features:

  • Deploy in days, not weeks: Develop in less than a week. With Twilio Flex you don't have to be limited to SaaS applications and can create tailored solutions for your business.
  • Take full control: Create intelligent chatbots, personalized account notifications, fully programmable cloud-based call center and more.
  • Connect anywhere: Reduce costs and stay connected to customers by offering the widest range of channels, including voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Faceboot Messager, and WebChat.
  • Remote agent contact centers: Make it easy for agents and supervisors to work from home with little or no operational impact.

Unlimited capacity to integrate and change your contact center

  • Design the optimal agent experience: Support for SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WebChat in one platform. Manage tasks across multiple channels with a single user interface. Create engagement workflows and intelligent routing tailored to your business. Integrate with Google Contact Center AI for relevant information and recommended responses. Integrate with applications you already use
  • Create and deploy customizations easily: Use API integrations to pull data from inventory, previous customer orders, payments, etc. Connect with ecosystem partners who provide certified integrations for WFM and campaign dialers. Get a complete operational view
  • Create, share and consume reports with drag-and-drop ease: Add custom metrics and KPI tracking. Access interaction data with your own reporting tools using export APIs. Use performance trends to further inspect and iterate your contact center

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