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Simplified communication and personalized service!
Your client decides when and where he wants to interact with you.

Several relationship channels: SMS, Voice, E-mail, on your Site, App, Chat Bot and much more. Start the conversation with just one click: via SMS Web Panel or API.

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Get more visibility and security for your customer's history.

Try our platform in minutes and get all the features. Start communicating with your customers today!

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You are closer to your customer. Deliver messages through the channel they choose.

An easy to use and very powerful tool. At Yup Chat, we designed our text messaging platform to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

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WhatsApp Business API with Yup Chat technology.

Automate your conversations and win new customers every day with the world's most popular chat app.

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More than email marketing.

Create personalized journeys and campaigns that attract and convert.

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Be in all your customers' favorite channels.

Unify your service and revolutionize the customer experience with Omnichannel.

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See how simple the process is:

Understand better how our solutions work and send your first message in minutes!

Register Import or register your contact base. And for better organization and agility, you can segment it into groups or send them quickly.
Message Do you have a special campaign? That's ok, with Yup Chat you can send personalized campaigns to your audience.
Treatment Before sending any message, we will treat the contacts, thus avoiding impediments in the sending of the message.
Delivery There, delivery completed for your contact base! Now you can leave it to us, and we will take care of everything.
Report As data is important for your next planning, we generate a complete report of the message sent.

Yup Chat Products

We offer everything from bulk SMS messaging to SMS, voice, email, and even artificial intelligence marketing tools to help you effectively strengthen your customer relationships.

Our products create the best SMS campaigns, used by some of the largest and most trusted brands in Brazil, providing security, speed, and reliability in all processes.


Send and receive SMS messages. An easy to use and very powerful tool. At Yup Chat, we've designed our text messaging platform to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Our advanced features take SMS marketing to the next level, where it generates real business by providing substantiated results and data.

  • Online SMS Web Dashboard
  • SMS Gateway API
  • Reliable 100% uptime SLA
  • Exclusive 24/7 Free Support
  • Agile Delivery
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We are experts in the following segments

We have the best solutions for various functions, industries, and business needs. Find the solution that helps you take the next step in your conversations!


Build a quality relationship with patients and provide the attention and welcome they expect with simplified and fast communication.

Marketing and Advertising

The integration between strategic actions, data visibility, and automation tools is the perfect formula for leveraging results.

Human Resources

Elaborate an objective and enlightening approach and materialize it with the ideal tools for a good and practical virtual relationship.

Banking and Finance

Bring your customer closer to you and gain space among potential customers in a simple, uncomplicated, and very subtle way.

Transportation and Logistics

Being connected to the best digital tools is necessary and is also a strategic issue, generating more effective results in all processes.

Government and Municipalities

The practical and precise tools act as efficient and categorical communication channels, demonstrating the importance of the service offered to the citizen.

Why Yup Chat?

Improve your business with Yup Chat SMS solutions.

Extremely fast delivery time

Extremely fast delivery time

Security priority

Security priority

High Performance Routes

High Performance Routes

100% reliable uptime SLA

100% reliable uptime SLA

Exclusive 24/7 support

Exclusive 24/7 support

We send billions of messages in Brazil!

We send billions of messages in Brazil!


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Contact us at any time and we will analyze your request in order to serve you with the efficiency you expect.


  • São Paulo and region: +55 11 4280 8546
  • Other regions: 0800 591 1006

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