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Contact your customer at the lowest cost and increase your sales!

We have packages with different values for you to reach your goal, without exceeding your limits.

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1.000 SMS/Month
5.000 SMS/Month
10.000 SMS/Month
50.000 SMS/Month
100.000 SMS/Month
500.000 SMS/Month
1.000.000 SMS/Month
R$ 0,12/SMS
  • Scheduling recurring texts
  • Manage lists and create groups
  • 4096-bit secure SSL
  • Extremely fast message delivery
  • High performance
  • Mass SMS delivery via PC or Mac
  • Custom SMS templates
  • Receiving text message replies
  • Sending unicode SMS and special characters
  • Credit balance check on SMS Web panel
  • Send SMS online everywhere
  • Real-time message status monitoring
  • CSV file upload for bulk SMS campaigns
  • Bidirectional SMS

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